The New Server Map

One of the big challenges with this Minecraft Server, is that it’s running entirely “vanilla” Minecraft – there’s no modifications on the server, aside from basic data packs. This means I’m stuck with limited options for adding in extra functionality like new mechanics, mobs, and something like DynMap which’ll generate a map of the server, live, like a Google Maps tracker.

Instead, I need to use a custom renderer to display a map of the world. Thankfully, it’s written in Python and fairly easy to customise to our needs.

You can check out the map of the world here

The map will only get updated once daily!

Welcome to JTCraft!

Hello! We’re writing up stuff on this site now as a way to convey happenings, customisations and news about the JTCraft server. It’s a way to document the history and adventures of the server! Apologies for the very no-frills level the site’s at, but really this is all we need to keep things going.

A huge thank you to:

  • cracksofamber

For letting me basically commandeer the server that they’ve been inhabiting since March 10th, 2020!